FLPokemap Expansions

FLPokeMap Expansions

Would you like FLPokeMap to come to your town?
This page will tell you how to make it happen.



Paid Donor-Only Expansions

Expansions are available for $3 per square kilometer and a $25 startup fee. (The smallest expansion available is 20 km2.)
Your area will be added to the FLPokeMap network with all premium features included and will be available to donors only. Currently our features include: IV scanning of ALL Pokemon, custom Discord alerts via our Alert Bot, full gym details, weather info, EX raid eligibility, tiny rats and big karp, map filtering based on IV or CP, and more. Your expansion will also come with a number of 30 day access codes dependent on the size of your expansion. Details can be found in the "Access Codes" portion of this page.


How To

Instructions for Drawing Your Area and Exporting the Coordinates

Use This Tool to draw your desired scan area. When you have finished drawing your area, note the total km2. This will be required for payment. You will now need to press either the "Generate KML" button or the "Export Lat/Lng" button. You will need to upload your KML file or copy/paste the coordinates on the payment form.
The final step is to fill out the payment form on this page. Make sure to select the correct km2 and include either the KML file or the coordinates obtained from the tool. Please allow 24-48 hours for scans to come online.


Access Codes

20 km2 - 7 codes
30 km2 - 10 codes
40 km2 - 15 codes
50 km2 - 20 codes
75 km2 - 25 codes
100+ km2 - 30 codes
How it works
Depending on the size of your expansion, you will receive a number of 30 day access codes to distribute to users in your area. To redeem a code, follow the same instructions in the popup at FLPokeMap.com sending the code instead of your Paypal information. The codes are transferable and do not expire. The codes can also be resold or gifted to others.